dog portrait of Havanese on Spanish floor
"Sollie, The Wise, On Spanish Tile"

dog portrait of black and white greyhound mix Manchita in pink collar
"Manchita, In Pink Collar"

"Rufus, The Contemplative"

dog portrait of mix reclining on couch with colorful pattern print
"Ginger, The Zestful, Reclining On Couch"

"Clancy, In Remembrance"

dog portrait of Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle by the ocean
"Topaz + Sophie, Golden State Goldens On The Pacific"

dog portrait of German Shepard mix by fence with leaves
"Gigo, The Handsome, By Fence"

dog portrait of Havanese in Renaissance style with white collar in gold frame
"Augusto, The Regal, In Gold Frame"

dog portrait of Golden Retriever and puppy playing with toy
"Cody + Kaia, In Act of Conquest"

dog portrait of Yorkie terrier with blue Van Gogh style background
"Biggie, In Van Gogh Style"

dog portrait of Beagle puppy playing in grass with yellow flowers
"Sugar, Frolicking In Flower Field"

portrait of cat with green eyes in a silver frame
"Lapka, The Saintly, In Silver Frame"

"Jade, The Matriarch, In Comfort"

dog portrait of Beagle on pillow near bowl of bananas in colorful Matisse style
"Bree, Begging For Bananas"